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Weekly Bulletin Page

We would like either a link, or on this website, 52 pages (one for each week of the liturgical year) which can be printed out and used as page in a parish bulletin.

The idea is to advance the spiritual development of the parish and its members. The format is open. Possible topics include apologetics Q&A's; timely devotions i.e.. Divine Mercy Sunday, First Friday; First Saturday. Pro-Life Sunday; church teaching on current issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, birth control; a segment from the catechism; explanation of the rosary, scapulars, benediction cross; the merits of confession and of the Eucharist (telephone numbers, websites and email addresses at the end of articles where more information may be available are always a great idea). We are looking for something beyond "bingo" and "donuts after Mass" - a teaching tool compatible with the traditional teachings of the Church as set forth by John Paul II.

This is a great opportunity to fire-up the lukewarm. Imagine how many parishes may begin Eucharistic Adoration, start a Parish Rosary Program, or begin to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.

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