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Scapulars, Medals, Benediction Cross

We are looking for parish programs, with instructions, which explain and encourage parishioners to benefit from these wonderful sacramentals. For instance, perhaps such sacramentals could be passed out on a special occasion or a special feast day, i.e. Easter, Mother's Day, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, etc. Needed information on Green Scapular, Miraculous Medal, and Benediction Cross, among other things.

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Lent & Easter

A lot parishes do different things. For example, some parishes give every family attending Mass on Holy Thursday a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread. Needed are links which explain parish Lenten program.

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Some parishes have adopted "Called by Name" whereby parishioners are encourage to drop the name of someone whom they think may be called to a religious vocation in the collection basket on a designed Sunday. Need details. Also what other programs parishes can do to promote vocations.

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Weekly Bulletin Page

We would like either a link, or on this website, 52 pages (one for each week of the liturgical year) which can be printed out and used as page in a parish bulletin.

The idea is to advance the spiritual development of the parish and its members. The format is open. Possible topics include apologetics Q&A's; timely devotions i.e.. Divine Mercy Sunday, First Friday; First Saturday. Pro-Life Sunday; church teaching on current issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, birth control; a segment from the catechism; explanation of the rosary, scapulars, benediction cross; the merits of confession and of the Eucharist (telephone numbers, websites and email addresses at the end of articles where more information may be available are always a great idea). We are looking for something beyond "bingo" and "donuts after Mass" - a teaching tool compatible with the traditional teachings of the Church as set forth by John Paul II.

This is a great opportunity to fire-up the lukewarm. Imagine how many parishes may begin Eucharistic Adoration, start a Parish Rosary Program, or begin to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.

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Needed is a source of very cheap or free evangelization pamphlets or tracts which introduces faith to non-believers, to placed in waiting rooms; something that can be carried in a purse so that it is on hand whenever the need arises.

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Bible Reading

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