Two Hearts

Holding a White Scapular over her arms, Our Lady said: “Child, I have come in praise of Jesus. My Confraternity will give witness to the world of their special vocation of love. I will place them in My Heart- gateway to the New Jerusalem. This Scapular is a sign of pre-destination of those who choose it. It will be a special armor against evil and re-course to My Grace.” She comes closer and holds it out to me so that I am able to see what’s on it. She says: ”Let it be inscribed thus.” There is one face of it that has on it the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The words written around it are: “Make known My Heart as the Gateway to the New Jerusalem.” The other piece, or face, is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Written around it are the words: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come. ” The one with Our Lady's Heart is blue on a white background. The one of Our Lord’s is red with a white background. They are on a white cord. Our Lady continues: “It is to be worn this way.” She puts it over Her head and has the side with the Immaculate Heart in the Front. “It is a special sign in these that last days of My final call to humanity. Make it known.” Click on “United Hearts"