Pass out blessed Brown Scapulars to everyone at Mass and enroll them in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular. Many Catholics are invested in the Brown Scapular at the time of their First Communion. Converts are often invested at Baptism. Entire parishes can be invested anytime. When enrolling a person the priest prays:

“ Receive this blessed habit; praying the most holy Virgin, that by Her merits thou mayest wear it without stain; and that She may guard thee from all evil and bring thee to life everlasting.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)
By the power granted me, I admit thee to the participation of all the spiritual good works, which through the gracious help of Jesus Christ are performed by the religious of Mount Carmel. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)
May the Creator of Heaven and earth, Almighty God, bless thee;
who hath deigned to unite thee to the confraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. We beseech Her, in the hour of thy death, to crush the head of the old serpent; so that thou mayest in the end win the everlasting palm and crown of the heavenly inheritance. Through Christ Our Lord.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)

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