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Two Hearts

Holding a White Scapular over her arms, Our Lady said: “Child, I have come in praise of Jesus. My Confraternity will give witness to the world of their special vocation of love. I will place them in My Heart- gateway to the New Jerusalem. This Scapular is a sign of pre-destination of those who choose it. It will be a special armor against evil and re-course to My Grace.” She comes closer and holds it out to me so that I am able to see what’s on it. She says: ”Let it be inscribed thus.” There is one face of it that has on it the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The words written around it are: “Make known My Heart as the Gateway to the New Jerusalem.” The other piece, or face, is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Written around it are the words: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come. ” The one with Our Lady's Heart is blue on a white background. The one of Our Lord’s is red with a white background. They are on a white cord. Our Lady continues: “It is to be worn this way.” She puts it over Her head and has the side with the Immaculate Heart in the Front. “It is a special sign in these that last days of My final call to humanity. Make it known.”

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Pass out blessed Brown Scapulars to everyone at Mass and enroll them in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular. Many Catholics are invested in the Brown Scapular at the time of their First Communion. Converts are often invested at Baptism. Entire parishes can be invested anytime. When enrolling a person the priest prays:

“ Receive this blessed habit; praying the most holy Virgin, that by Her merits thou mayest wear it without stain; and that She may guard thee from all evil and bring thee to life everlasting.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)
By the power granted me, I admit thee to the participation of all the spiritual good works, which through the gracious help of Jesus Christ are performed by the religious of Mount Carmel. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)
May the Creator of Heaven and earth, Almighty God, bless thee;
who hath deigned to unite thee to the confraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. We beseech Her, in the hour of thy death, to crush the head of the old serpent; so that thou mayest in the end win the everlasting palm and crown of the heavenly inheritance. Through Christ Our Lord.
(Receiver responds “Amen.”)

St. Benedict Medal

The St. Benedict medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for a peaceful death in the Lord, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, a prayer that the Cross of Christ be our light and guide, a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage“walk in God’s ways, with the Gospel as our guide,” as St. Benedict urges us.

There is no special way prescribed for carrying or wearing the Medal of St. Benedict. It can be worn on a chain around the neck, attached to one’s rosary, kept in one’s pocket or purse,or placed in one’s car or home. The medal is often put into the foundations of houses and buildings, on the walls of barns and sheds, or in one’s place of business.


Medals of St. Benedict may be blessed by any priest (Instr.Sept. 26, 1964). The following English form may be used.

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord.

R. Who made heaven and earth.

In the name of God the Father almighty, who made heaven and earth, the seas and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body. In the name of the Father almighty, of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, and of the Holy Spirit the paraclete, and in the love of the same Lord Jesus Christ who will come on the last day to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire.

R. Amen.

Let us pray. Almighty God, the boundless source of all good things, we humbly, ask that, through the intercession of St.Benedict, you pour out your blessings upon these medals. May those who use them devoutly and earnestly strive to perform good works be blessed by you with health of soul and body, the grace of a holy life, and remission of the temporal punishment due to sin. May they also, with the help of your merciful love, resist the temptations of the evil one and strive to exercise true charity and justice toward all, so that one day they may appear sinless and holy in your sight. This we ask through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

The medals are then sprinkled with holy water.

Nihil obstat: Rev. Joseph C. Kremer, S.T.L., Censor deputatus.
Imprimatur: George H. Speltz, D.D., Bishop of St. Cloud, April 24, 1980.

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