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Parish Rosary Program-Start in your Parish

One of the three International Cardinal Parish Programs which should be implemented in every parish.

Print and create your own Parish Rosary Programs. A program so simple and easy, every parish can do it.

Next to the Mass, the Rosary is the most powerful prayer. Never has there been a greater need for prayer. Our Blessed Mother begs us, particularly those graced with the knowledge and appreciation of the power of the Rosary, to pray the rosary everyday, for peace, for the end of abortion, for souls in purgatory, for the intentions of the Holy Father, and especially for those in need of God's mercy.

How can we say "NO" to our Blessed Mother?

The Parish Rosary Program is so simple it only takes one dedicated person to Our Lady per parish to run it. It is just a matter of downloading, photocopying, and distributing small tear-away calendars to parishioners for them to tally the number of rosaries prayer each two weeks and drop the results in the collection-basket. Weekly, year-to-date, and grand totals are published each week in the parish bulletin to remind and encourage everyone to pray the rosary.

Sample church bulletin announcement:

THE PARISH ROSARY PROGRAM So simple, every parish can say “Yes” to Our Blessed Mother’s request to pray the rosary. It only takes one person a few minutes each month, to run it. For more information, email us.


Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Fatima. She spreads Her arms and says:

“Praise be to Jesus. My angel, take down these words. I wish to speak to you about prayer in general, and the Rosary in particular.”

“Prayer, at its best, is the language of love between God and the soul. The most effective prayer rises from a humble, loving heart. When the soul recognizes its own littleness before God, and at the same time recalls how much he loves God, you can be certain God listens.”

“This is why the Rosary is so powerful, and carries with it so many graces. With the Rosary, whole nations can be reconciled to their Creator. With the golden chain of My Rosary, Satan will be bound and gagged. He will be totally defeated and cast into the depths of hell. Therefore, understand it is always Satan who tries to discourage your recitation of the Rosary. It is through the Rosary Holy Love takes root in hearts and ignites personal holiness. When you pray the Rosary, meditating upon its mysteries, I am with you. The angels surround you, the heavenly court defends and assists you.”

“My Rosary will defeat Satan and bring peace to hearts and so to the world. I hold special favor in My heart for those devoted to the Rosary. I encourage the downtrodden, protect the vulnerable, convert the unbeliever-all through My Rosary. My little one, you will please make this known.”

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