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Prayer For Assistance to Live the Consecration to Divine Love

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit of God, I come before You as I have consecrated my body and soul to Divine Love. I ask Your assistance in living out this consecration in every present moment. Help me to surrender to every cross, and to recognize and respond to every precious grace You place in my life. Through my consecration to Divine Love, I beg Your assistance in annihilating my own will and living in Your Divine Will. Amen.

Recite this prayer with the consecration to Divine Love daily, and you will receive an angel by your side to assist you in faithfulness to the consecration.

To all those who will surrender to Divine Love through a true consecration, Jesus promises these spiritual benefits:

  • His Assistance- body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in coming deep into Divine Love.
  • His Assistance to a deepening awareness of God's Holy and Diving Will in the present moment.
  • The crosses in their lives will be more meritorious, as they will be able to surrender more completely to them. Thus as Jesus' Victorious Heart is embraced by a crown of thorns, so shall their hearts be thus embraced, bringing to Him sinners.
  • Every burden in this life will be sweet and light by His grace.
  • Their lives will be signs of Divine Love in the world.
  • Those who live in the Divine Love and Will of god will have peace in this life and the promise of salvation at their death. It is then Jesus' Mother will come for them with Her angels.

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