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Key to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Mary, Protectress of Our Faith, hear our prayer and ask Your Beloved Son to receive our faith into His Sacred Hands. Ask Him to hide our faith in His Wounds and protect it from all evil. Amen.

For all those who devoutly recite Her prayer, Mary has obtained from Her Divine Son the following four promises and graces. All the lukewarm who devoutly recite My prayer shall become more fervent in their faith.

The sinner who recites this prayer shall be given the grace to see what hinders their faith.

All those who recite My prayer with a sincere intention will receive peace in all their trials.

Satan shall be rendered powerless when Mary, "The Protectress of the Faith," is invoked. Doubts and temptations will vanish before this Name for I shall come quickly to the aid of all who so invoke Me."

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