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Dedication of Homes to Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Mary, my Mother, my Fortress- Refuge of Holy Love-sanctify this home through Holy Love. Open each heart that dwells herein to holiness. Lead us along the path of Holy Love. Be victorious over any evil, whether it be an unknown force within these walls, a seductive habit, or some voluntary attachment we have chosen ourselves. Make this home a sanctuary of Holy Love. Amen.

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be Jesus, truly and ever present in the tabernacles of the world. My daughter, I have come, as I desire to come into every home, under this Image of Holy Love. Let it be your goal to have this Image accepted in every home and every heart. I will give you the prayer now that will strengthen and unite families and convict hearts. Dedicate your homes to Me, and I will vanquish evil therein."

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